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Microbiology Indonesia (MI), originally known as Jurnal Mikrobiologi Indonesia, is the official journal published by the Indonesian Society for Microbiology (Perhimpunan Mikrobiologi Indonesia, PERMI). With increasing high quality manuscripts submitted; especially in tropical microbiology works and the applications of molecular biology as a powerful tool to explore Indonesian microbial diversity; MI would be an excellent bridge connecting the Indonesian and International microbiologists. In addition, MI is also supported by a number of internationally recognized editors and reviewers to ensure high quality of publication. In the mission to become the first Indonesian biological science journal to go international, starting from 2007 MI publishes all of the manuscripts in English. In this opportunity, we invite you to submit your papers to MI. The best papers will be selected by experts in the field and awarded with tantalizing prizes.


Two best papers selected will be published in MI with free publication fee. The winners will also receive:

One year worth of printed journals

Cash prizes

1st best paper : IDR 5 000 000

2nd best paper : IDR 3 000 000


Other 20 selected papers will be published in MI with free publication fee.


Undergraduate and postgraduate students, scientists, researchers, teaching staffs, and others are invited to participate in the competition.

Terms and Conditions

Papers should be submitted in English, referring to MI writing format and style (please visit http://www.microbiology4indonesia.edublogs.org). The number of paper submitted per participant is unlimited. Please use word or pdf format and send through e-mail microbiol.indonesia@atmajaya.ac.id


Papers should be submitted no later than April 1, 2009.

The winners will be announced at May 30, 2009 through website and mailings.

Contact Persons

Tan Watumesa Agustina

(Mobile: 0812 18 575 14;E-mail: tan.watumesa@atmajaya.ac.id)

Agustin Wydia Gunawan

(Mobile: 0817 640 23 48;E-mail: jurnalpermi@yahoo.com)

School of Biotechnology

Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia

Jalan Jenderal Sudirman no. 51, Jakarta 12930

Phone: (021) 570 3306 ext.449

Fax: (021) 571 9060

E-mail: microbiol.indonesia@atmajaya.ac.id

Website: http://www.microbiology4indonesia.edublogs.org

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